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St. Luke's United Methodist Church

8817 South Broadway
Highlands Ranch, CO  80129-2301

Phone: 303-791-0659
Fax: 303-791-0659 x121

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Lead Minister of Worship and Missional Life  Ryan Canaday  303-791-0659 x112 

Lead Minister of Community Life  Jessica Rooks  303-791-0659 x109 

Lead Minister of Spiritual Life  Sallie Suby-Long  303-791-0659 x132 

Director of Children's Ministry  Sharon Oliver  303-791-0659 x127 

Director of Early Childhood Ministry  Samantha Leahy  303-791-0659 x140 

Children's Ministry Coordinator  Stephanie Kirk  303-791-0659 x111 

Director of Youth Ministry  Dave Laurvick  303-791-0659 x114 

Assistant Director of Youth Ministry  Amy McMullen  303-791-0659 x119 

Assistant Director of Youth Ministry  Jeremy Brown  303-791-0659 x141 

Director of St. Luke's Little School  Kay Swanson  303-791-1982 

Director of Music & Arts Ministries  James Ramsey  303-791-0659 x123 

Associate Director of Music Ministry and Organist  Kenrick Mervine  303-791-0659 x133 

Director of Handbells and Children's Music Ministry  Kay Coryell  303-791-0659 x136 

Music and Arts Administrative Assistant  Kristi Pawley  303-791-0659 x116 

Office Administrator  Brenda Schafer  303-791-0659 x110 

Director of Finance  Sheri Henry  303-791-0659 x124 

Accounting Clerk  Kristi Pawley  303-791-0659 x116 

Director of Servant Ministry  Renae Parra  303-791-0659 x117 

Facilities Manager  Barry Curtis  303-791-0659 x139 

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