Children's Ministry Team

Children's Ministry Team Description
The role of the Children's Ministry Team (CMT) is to partner with St. Luke's staff and clergy
to ensure the children of St. Luke's know the love of God through Christ through a program
that is engaging, nourishing, safe and fun. Team members bring their gifts, skills, knowledge
and experience to enhance and diversify the CMT. Team members are key liaisons to
communicate any questions, concerns or suggestions to and from the congregation,
Children's Ministry and pastoral staff. Team members will honor diversity and new ideas,
while maintaining tradition in our children's faith development. The team will function in a
way that is congruent to St. Luke's core values of being invitational, relational, missional and

Team Commitments
The team consists of 9 individuals of 3 three-year terms, Children's Ministry staff and a
clergy representative. The team typically meets monthly. Currently meetings are the 3rd
Tuesday of each month excluding June, November and December. CM Specialists and other
interested members/constituents of St. Luke's are encouraged to attend.

Team Member Commitments
Each team member serves on a 3 year termed team. Team members are expected to be at
CMT meetings. CMT meetings are open to all members and constituents of St. Luke's,
however if a need for a vote should arise, termed team members will be the voting party.
The team is encouraged to discern, discuss and find solutions before defaulting to a voting

Team Leader
A team member of the mid-term team will be designated Team Leader. The Team Leader
will book meetings, prepare the agenda and run each meeting and ensure notes are taken. In
addition the Team Leader will meet with Lay Leadership in late summer to discuss
leadership team needs.

Role of Specialists
Specialists are not termed members. They are those people who have a special interest or
skill in which they enjoy sharing with St. Luke's Children's Ministry and can serve as a lead
coordinator and key communicator to the congregation and other teams.

Current Specialist(s) and areas of need are:

Children's Christmas Pageant – Linda Walker
Children's Dinner Theater – Lynne Butler and Sharon Oliver
Easter Fun Day –
VBS snacks –
VBS games -
VBS crafts -
VBS music -
VBS drama -
VBS science -
VBS class prep -
VBS decorations -
Family Camp – Amy and Brion Antinoro
Fall Hayride – Amy Slade
Family Movie Night - Elizabeth Bauer
Holiday Shop – Amy Antinoro
Music PEAK/Tween (K-6th) -
Music Joy Trek (preschool) –
Parents Night Out – Dawn Johnson
Playgroups – Dawn Johnson
Sunday School Missions -
Sunday School Displays/Decorations -
Teacher Support Team – Joely Maddux
Special Needs Buddy – Suzanne Sharpe