Finance Team

Title:  SLUMC Finance Team


Insure SLUMC General Fund fiscal responsibility and integrity in accordance with the Methodist Discipline

Responsible to:

The SLUMC Congregation, Executive Team and Lead Minister of Worship & Missional Life

Description of Duties:

Establish and monitor SLUMC General Fund and budget process
            Oversee SLUMC General Fund income and expenses
            Maintain “transparency” of SLUMC General Fund finances to congregation
            Support the Director of Finance, a SLUMC staff position
            Initiate an audit of SLUMC General Fund finances
            Fully implement the tenants of the Methodist Discipline
Time Requirements:

Team meeting of one [1] to two [2] hours presently the third Tuesday of Feb, April, June, Aug, Oct and Nov at 6:30 PM with the Director of Finance and Lead Minister of Worship & Missional Life, with usually no preparation other than review of General Fund monthly budgets, income and expense reports


Three (3) consecutive years

Training and Resources:

No formal training is included or required, but individual review of the Methodist Discipline is encouraged located in the UMC Guidelines handout

Skills and gifts:
            Administrative, Giving and Faith
Genuine interest in financial and accounting matters and to insure General Fund financial transparency to the congregation

Benefits to one serving in this role:

Fulfills the oversight of SLUMC General Fund finances.

Completed by/date:  Dee Duncan 1/2009; updated 5/2/2016 by Peter Jonnard