Greeter Team Leader

Title:  Greeter Team Leader   

Purpose:  To provide hospitality to all that enters St. Luke’s

Responsible to: Director of Servant Ministry

Description of Duties: Invite greeters to our team. To ensure there are greeters at doors for all three services on Sundays, as well as holidays and special events. We train greeters as needed and make sure they have the “Greeter Guidelines.” We maintain the master roster list and schedule. Attend quarterly Common Table gatherings.

Time Requirements: Throughout the month, 1-2hrs but could be more. That would be for special events and holiday (Easter and Christmas) organizing the team list once/twice a year

Term: 2 years

Training and Resources: Responsible for attending and inviting team to Hospitality Training as it occurs. Training provided for the first time and then as needed.

Skills and gifts: Hospitality, Helps, and Administrative     

Benefits to one serving in this role: Meet new people and make them feel welcome and included in our church community. Feels good to help others and enjoy talking to and getting to know others.

Updated by:
Lynda Fickling