Lay Leader

Title: Lay Leader

Purpose: Connect the congregation in community. Grow faith through support of congregational integrity.

Responsible to: Clergy Team

Description of duties:
Advocate for church laity and community.
Build awareness of church vision within the congregation.
Meet quarterly with pastoral staff to discuss congregational health.
Share service on following teams: Executive, Finance, Mission, Equipping Ministry Team
and Staff/Parish Relations.
Serve as liturgist for baptisms and as needed.
Model faithful discipleship.
Attend quarterly Common Table gatherings.
Attend quarterly Executive Team meetings(Team Lead only).

Time requirements:
One hour a month.

Term: 3yr

Training and Resources: Guidelines for Lay Leader/Lay Member

Skills and gifts: Faith, Discernment, Encouragement and Leadership.

Benefits to one serving in this role:
Being an extension of the Clergy Team and serving the community of St. Luke’s.

Created by Karin Wesson: 10/2010
Updated: Lynda Fickling 1/16