Mission Team Lead

Title:   Mission Team Co-Leaders/Lead    

Purpose:  To support local, national and international mission groups with volunteers and financial help.

Responsible to: Lead Minister of Worship & Missional Life, Community of St. Luke’s

Description of Duties:  Set the agenda and conduct meetings on as as-needed basis, plan and coordinate Mission of the Month projects, write articles for the chronicle and bulletin (or delegate), provide communications between St. Luke’s staff and team members, audit finances, work with directors of local community groups and plan for projects to support their work. Coordinate the Giving Tree/Urban Peak Christmas project.
Attend quarterly Executive Team meetings and quarterly Common Table gatherings.

Time Requirements: Through the year, 2-3 hours weekly with preparation

Term: 2 years

Training and Resources:  Meet with past team leaders. Review agendas, minutes of meetings, meet with coordinators of DenUM, Inter-Faith, Urban Peak, and any other groups currently being helped.

Skills and gifts:  Must have a passion for missions

Benefits to one serving in this role:
An opportunity to serve the community and the world through mission projects.

Completed by/date: Jan Rufien, 2/26/2009
Updated by Julie Love-Ott, 9/2016