Spirituality and Wellness Team Member

Title:  Spirituality and Wellness Team Member

Purpose:  To assist in the development, coordination, and implementation of the St. Luke’s Spirituality and Wellness Series and other events that promote emotional, mental, and spiritual health and wholeness.

Responsible to:  Pastor Sallie Suby-Long currently leads this team

Description of Duties:
The Spirituality and Wellness Team works together to…

Create an annual Spirituality and Wellness Series
Evaluate programs
Create materials and communication to promote the sessions
Provide facilitation for small group sessions
Assist with logistics for sessions
Offer leadership for further development of learning experiences
Analyzing and discerning the needs of the congregation and designing opportunities to respond to identified needs

*Time Requirements:  The Team meets approximately once a month – usually on Monday or Wednesday from 5 – 6:30 pm.  More frequent meetings take place in the late summer when we are planning for the upcoming year and around the time of each session. The 2011-2012 sessions are scheduled for October 4, January 17, and March 6.

Term: The team is relatively new and team members are welcomed to participate as long as they have an interest in this ministry.

Training and Resources:
The team works closely with one another to create, prepare, and envision new opportunities for our community.  We learn from one another and share our expertise in a variety of areas.

Skills and gifts:
We have many gifts on the team ranging from writing expertise to communication, program design, evaluation, educational design, and facilitation.  A passion for human development, learning and spiritual growth is the common thread among current team members.

Benefits to one serving in this role:
Working with a dynamic team that enjoys working together
Offering opportunities that contribute to other’s growth and development

Completed by/date:  August 24, 2011