Urban Peak Meal Coordinator

Title:  Urban Peak Meal Coordinator

Purpose:  To coordinate and recruit small groups and individuals to sponsor a meal for the fourth Tuesday of each month for Urban Peak.

Responsible to:   Mission’s Team

Description of Duties:  1.  Post a current sign-up sheet on the mission kiosk.  2.  In the fall, begin recruiting small groups to provide the meal for the Tuesday of one month.  Rely on past participants and develop new leads via email, phone calls, and/or advertising.  3.  Remind each group with an email one to two weeks before the date.  4.  Drive the meal to Urban Peak on the fourth Tuesday of each month.  4.  Prepare an article for the Chronicle thanking all groups and individuals who participated in this mission.  5.  Participate in ministry fair to advertise for help.  6.  Occasionally drive leftover food from church events to Urban Peak at times other than the fourth Tuesday.

Time requirements:  After the volunteers are in place, the time commitment is about 1 to 1.5 hours each month.  Recruiting and coordinating small groups is generally an 8 hour commitment spread out over several months.

Materials necessary to complete the job are available in Microsoft word and include a volunteer guideline document, a signup sheet (just change the dates), and a sample article for the Chronicle.

In addition, the recruitment of 2009 volunteers has been initiated.

Term:  2 years or as long as you like

Training and Resources: From previous leader in the role.

Skills and gifts:  Communication, coordination, time availability to drive to Urban Peak before 5:30 pm on the fourth Tuesday of the month.

Benefits to one serving in this role:  Personal satisfaction of giving small groups within St. Luke’s the opportunity to be missional.  Also, it is a real pleasure to see the happiness and appreciation that the kids have for their meals.  Invite them to help carry the food inside; they always want to know what’s for dinner!

Completed by/date: