Welcome Team Lead

Title: Welcome Team

Purpose: Coordinate team members to ensure each Sunday has callers for first time guests.
                Find replacements in case of illness or vacations.

Responsible to: Director of Servant Ministry and Team Members

Description of Duties: Hold 1 meeting a year (or as many as you would like!)
                                     Attend quarterly Common Table gatherings
                                     Attend appreciation breakfast                   
Time Requirements: Time involved is minimal. Usually not more than 30 minutes a month and that includes sending the results on to the Director of Servant Ministry.

Term: Minimum of 2 years

Training and Resources:  Training: One meeting a year, to meet and greet new team members and discuss anything new that may be needed to make calls.
Resources: Leadership Handbook, The Chronicle, Sunday Bulletin and web site

Skills and gifts: Ability to talk with people. Spiritual Gifts: Hospitality, Helps and Administrative.

Benefits to one serving in this role: Opportunity to meet new people and serve at the same time.

Completed by/date: Louise Jasper 6/13/2010
Updated by Lynda Fickling 1/16