Welcome Team

Title: Welcome Team

Purpose: To welcome guests that are new to St. Luke’s.

Responsible to: Team Lead

Description of Duties: To phone first time guests with a welcome hopefully within 72 hours. Offer a gathering at the church one Sunday morning to meet them and try to obtain an E-mail address. *this helps them put a face to the community.
Should ask you a question in an area you are unclear of please email the Director of Servant Ministry and ask her/him to contact the person. See if they received a purple bag, as it has lots of information about the church. After call is complete, please email this information to the Director of Servant Ministry.

Time Requirements: Time involved is 20-30minutes one Sunday a month.

Term: Two years or longer, if you are enjoying.

Training and Resources:  Training one on one before you begin serving so you feel comfortable. Maybe one short meeting a year, just to meet and greet new team members and discuss anything new that may be needed to make calls. Resources- the Chronicle, Sunday Bulletin and web site.

Skills and gifts:  The ability to talk with people and to make them feel welcomed. Spiritual Gifts – Hospitality and Helps

Benefits to one serving in this role: Opportunity to meet new people, hear their stories and introduce them to the many opportunities we have at St. Luke’s.

Completed by/date: Lynda Fickling 9/13/2013