Joel Heiman's Mission to Cambodia

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Cambodian Newsletter from Nita Dunn

Dear family and friends,

Randy and I thought we would share the news about Joel and his adventures in Cambodia with everyone by starting a newsletter. So this is our first one! He’s been in Cambodia for six months now, so we’ve been a little slow in starting this. Following are excerpts from his emails we thought you might enjoy….

“Dear Mom and Randy, I have been here for one day now and things seem to be going great. I was a little scared at first but I am having a great time now. I decided to be brave and I got a go-ped driver…He’s been driving me all around the city….” “It is Friday, December 5th here and I am at the community center now….David had to go back to Phnom Penh….so I was by myself all yesterday… But I saw my old friend Samnang and we ended up going into town to buy dinner and check email. I bought some bread and noodles…left the bread on the table and ants got it….put the bread on the stove, it killed the ants outside but not the inside…I was hungry so I ate the bread anyway…..Dalai did say insects are protein, didn’t she??” “Dec 17th…..I went out on Wednesday and bought a moto….I had to go to Phnom Penh to see Rev. Warren Harbert, General Board of Global Ministries, UMC” “Dec 21st….I am much better now….I had a bacterial stomach infection. I got some antibiotics and everything is going well now….except for my finger….anyways, send money….I will write more when I heal…..I love you lots!”

So all is well with Joel. He is teaching English classes five days a week, taking Khmer (Cambodian language) lessons and gets frustrated with the church bureaucracy. He is experiencing adventures in cooking, washing his clothes by hand, being sick and alone, making friends, etc. Please join Randy and I in keeping him in your prayers!!