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Pictures from Family Camp 2000

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These pictures were taken at St. Luke's first annual "Family Camp" at the Winding River Campground near Grand Lake and at the entrance to Rocky Mountain National Park.

Before any fun can be had, "camp" must be set up!

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Brian Sorsby gives special instructions to the Balu's who brought their condo on wheels.

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This was one of our potluck dinners

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Kids playing around in the water. (If you hear loud splashes, get out!)

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Deb Juarez leads us in an informal, but moving, worship on the first Sunday morning

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Our makeshift altar which was decorated by the youth

Chopping wood for the evening's campfire

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The horses being sent out to pasture for the evening

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The evening campfire

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Are there monkeys in Rocky Mountain National Park?

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John Merchant provides taxi service for our junior campers

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Each day, Caroline Merchant organized "craft time"

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This was the marshmallow relay in the Family Olympics

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This was the dress up race in the Family Olympics

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