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SLY Mission to San Luis Rio de Colorado, Mexico,
July 9 - 16, 2001

Eleven youth and three adults left for Mexico July 9th (Eric Alpert, Stephanie Babcock, Kate Bennett, Mark Carnes, Erica Elliassen, Joel Heiman, Erin Hoffman, Josh LaRock, Erin Laurvick, Lindsey Lennek, Joel Timm; Dave Laurvick, Dave Guevara and Dottie Mann). They flew into Tucson where they were driven to San Luis Rio de Colorado which is just south of Yuma, Arizona. They were to do construction and painting in the mornings and work in an orphanage and rehabilitation center with children in the afternoon. This was SLY’s first international trip and was quite an experience. They returned Monday, July 16.  

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Received July 11
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San Luis church Work Site Kitchen work
Received July 14
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Erica Painting Eric and Dave G Kate & Lindsey cleaning
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Mark & Dave L serving drinks Sanctuary painting Serving food
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Still working