St. Luke's Announcements

Please use this page to submit announcements to publicize events at St. Luke's UMC. You may begin announcing your event 3 weeks prior to the event or event signup deadline; all requests must be received by noon on Tuesdays.


In order to include all the announcements in the St. Luke's UMC Bulletin that are being submitted, we ask you to use this web page. This will help provide more uniformity in announcement length and style and help fit in all the announcements requested.

Enter your announcement in the box below. The maximum number of words allowed is and the maximum number of characters allowed is .

It is recommended that the announcement begin with the name of the activity being announced, and end with the contact information in parentheses: (name phone_number email_address).

Look here for examples of announcements in the current bulletin. Look here to see the St. Luke's Styles and Standards Guide, which specifies the formats for dates, etc.

Select the "Critical Date" (date of event, signup date, first date if multiple dates, etc.). Or if you want your announcement to run for the next 2 Sundays, pick a date 2 Sundays in the future.


Provide any notes to the Office Administrator about adding your announcement to the Bulletin (e.g., Section of the Bulletin to run your announcement in, formatting recommendations)