Common Table

The vision of governance through a Common Table is represented in a NET. The net is a symbol of the St. Lukeís community. We are all connected, and there are no boundaries to dreaming, to mission, to discipleship, to growing. All of us participate in the web of leadership.

The Common Table is the way we all come together.

The Common Table means sharing food and friendship in a simple supper. After moments of worship to gather in Godís spirit, we will learn, discuss, plan, and listen. Itís a way to discern the will of God individually and collectively. It is a way to grow as spiritual friends.

Everyoneís invited! First-time guests, long-standing members, the clergy and staff, ministry team leaders, and anyone who wants to learn and grow with St. Lukeís and help shape our direction. The Common Table is open to all of us!

This is an exciting new opportunity to find out who we are, what we stand for and where weíre going; and we get to meet some of the other people that make up this wonderful net that is the St. Lukeís community of faith.

The Common Table meets four times each year to grow our community and discern Godís preferred future for St. Lukeís. Each meeting will include table fellowship, worship, learning, discerning, resourcing, and calendaring together.


Michelle Mallory, Lead for Common Table 303-791-0334 or email Michelle