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April 22, 2018, "Looking For Grace," Rev. Jessica Rooks
April 15, 2018, "Looking For Questions," Rev. Ryan Canaday
April 08, 2018, "Principals, Paint, and a Little Thing Called Kathatica," Rev. Darren Tipton
April 01, 2018, "Resurrection Moments JR," Rev. Jessica Rooks
April 01, 2018, "Resurrection Moments RC," Rev. Ryan Canaday
March 25, 2018, "Peace March," Rev. Jessica Rooks
March 18, 2018, "Saying Yes To A Different Way," Rev. Ryan Canaday
March 11, 2018, "Choosing Faith," Rev. Jessica Rooks
March 11, 2018, "The Fullest Kind of Life," Rev. Ryan Canaday
March 04, 2018, "Prayer Changes Us," Rev. Ryan Canaday
February 25, 2018, "The Past Becoming the Future," Rev. Jessica Rooks
February 18, 2018, "A New Path," Rev. Jessica Rooks
February 11, 2018, "One," Rev. Ryan Canaday
February 04, 2018, "Go," Rev. Jerry Herships
January 28, 2018, "Who Is Jesus?," Rev. Jessica Rooks
January 28, 2018, "Who Is Jesus?," Rev. Ryan Canaday
January 21, 2018, "Whats In A Touch," Rev. Jessica Rooks
January 14, 2018, "Skin Matters," Rev. Ryan Canaday
January 07, 2018, "The Camel's Hump," Rev. Jessica Rooks
December 31, 2017, "Crammed With Greatness," Rev. Ryan Canaday
December 17, 2017, "Moments Of Awareness," Rev. Jessica Rooks
December 03, 2017, "Do Not Be Afraid," Rev. Ryan Canaday
November 26, 2017, "Preparing For Connection," Rev. Jessica Rooks
November 26, 2017, "Preparing For Connection," Rev. Ryan Canaday
November 19, 2017, "Why We Need More Epieikes," Rev. Ryan Canaday
November 12, 2017, "Watch Out," Rev. Jessica Rooks
November 05, 2017, "Being of One Mind," Rev. Jessica Rooks
October 29, 2017, "United By Grace and Peace," Rev. Ryan Canaday
October 22, 2017, "Surprised By Joy," Rev. Ryan Canaday
October 15, 2017, "Deliverance," Rev. Jessica Rooks
October 08, 2017, "Recovery," Rev. Ryan Canaday
October 01, 2017, "Confession," Rev. Jessica Rooks
September 24, 2017, "Rage," Rev. Ryan Canaday
September 17, 2017, "Identity," Rev. Jessica Rooks
September 10, 2017, "Rooted," Rev. Ryan Canaday
September 03, 2017, "Questions From You," Rev. Jessica Rooks and Rev. Ryan Canaday
August 27, 2017, "Getting There From Here," Bishop Karen Oliveto
August 20, 2017, "Where Two Or More Are Gathered," Rev. Jessica Rooks
August 13, 2017, "Cool Hand Luke and the Scandal of the Cross," Rev. Ryan Canaday
August 06, 2017, "Choosing Our Faith Language," Rev. Jessica Rooks
July 30, 2017, "Unstuck," Rev. Ryan Canaday
July 23, 2017, "Looking Deeper," Rev. Jessica Rooks
July 16, 2017, "When Faith and Experience Collide," Rev. Ryan Canaday
July 09, 2017, "Dream Big . . . Even When You're Sinking," Rev. Ryan Canaday
July 02, 2017, "With Unveiled Faces," Rev. Jessica Rooks
June 25, 2017, "Hacksaw Ridge and The Third Way," Rev. Ryan Canaday
June 18, 2017, "The Methodist Movement: Proclaiming Grace and Freedom For All," Monty Hoffman
June 11, 2017, "What Calls You?," Rev. Ryan Canaday
June 04, 2017, "What's In A Miracle?," Rev. Jessica Rooks
May 28, 2017, "The Last Full Measure of Devotion," Rev. Dave Money
May 21, 2017, "The Next 13," Rev. Ryan Canaday
May 14, 2017, "Leap of Faith," Rev. Jessica Rooks
May 07, 2017, "Healing and Forgiveness by Way of Salam," Iman Jodeh
April 30, 2017, "A Disturbing Lack of Faith," Rev. Dave Money
April 23, 2017, "How Chickens, a Cow, and a Delivery Room Brought Me Healing," Darren Tipton
April 16, 2017, "Story," Rev. Ryan Canaday
April 16, 2017, "Resurrection," Rev. Jessica Rooks
April 09, 2017, "Just Tears," Rev. Ryan Canaday
April 02, 2017, "A Gurgling Spring That Never Runs Dry," Rev. Jessica Rooks
March 26, 2017, "Free," Rev. Ryan Canaday
March 19, 2017, "Breaking The Code," Rev. Ryan Canaday
March 12, 2017, "Making God's Vision A Reality," Rev. Jessica Rooks
March 05, 2017, "Returning To God," Rev. Jessica Rooks
March 05, 2017, "God Doesn't Need Your Sacrifices . . . Or Your Cotton Candy Ice Cream," Rev. Ryan Canaday
February 26, 2017, "Keep Going. It's Right Here.," Rev. Ryan Canaday
February 19, 2017, "Failing To Measure Up," Rev. Jessica Rooks
February 12, 2017, "My Grandma's the One with the Sign," Rev. Ryan Canaday
February 05, 2017, "How Many Times?," Rev. Jessica Rooks
January 29, 2017, "Have You Found It Yet?," Rev. Ryan Canaday
January 22, 2017, "Saying Yes But Meaning No," Rev. Jessica Rooks
January 15, 2017, "What You Wear To The Party Matters," Rev. Ryan Canaday
January 08, 2017, "Beginning Where You Are," Rev. Jessica Rooks
January 01, 2017, "It's A New Year . . . What Are You Doing With Your Life?," Rev. Ryan Canaday
December 25, 2016, "What Is Christmas?," Rev. Jessica Rooks
December 18, 2016, "When Trusting in Something Bigger Than Yourself Is Really Hard," Rev. Ryan Canaday
December 04, 2016, "Humanly Divine," Rev. Jessica Rooks
November 27, 2016, "Jesus As A Felon / Keep Awake," Rev. Ryan Canaday and Rev. Jessica Rooks
November 20, 2016, "Healing, Not Revenge," Rev. Ryan Canaday
November 13, 2016, "Rattlesnake In A Sandbox," Rev. Jessica Rooks
November 06, 2016, "The Communion of Saints," Rev. Jessica Rooks
October 30, 2016, "God Said What?/Easton, Ice Cream and Bubble Gum," Rev. Jessica Rooks and Rev. Ryan Canaday
October 23, 2016, "Gratitude & Celebration," Rev. Ryan Canaday
October 16, 2016, "Complacency," Rev. Ryan Canaday
October 09, 2016, "Ego," Rev. Jessica Rooks
October 02, 2016, "Anxiety," Rev. Jessica Rooks
September 25, 2016, "Isolation," Rev. Ryan Canaday
September 18, 2016, "Expectations," Rev. Jessica Rooks
September 11, 2016, "Fear," Rev. Ryan Canaday
September 04, 2016, "Transcending Dimensions," Rev. Jessica Rooks
August 28, 2016, "Mud," Rev. Ryan Canaday
August 21, 2016, "Finding Your Voice," Rev. Jessica Rooks
August 14, 2016, "Giving Away Too Much," Rev. Jessica Rooks
August 07, 2016, "Learning To Think Differently," Rev. Jessica Rooks
July 31, 2016, "Life Is Brutiful and Joy Is Everywhere," Rev. Ryan Canaday
July 24, 2016, "The Stories We Choose," Rev. Jessica Rooks
July 17, 2016, "Love And Mercy Is On The Other Side," Rev. Ryan Canaday
July 10, 2016, "Whose Voice Are We Listening To," Rev. Jessica Rooks
July 03, 2016, "Show Up. Help Others Show Up," Rev. Ryan Canaday
June 26, 2016, "The Church is Not the Greatest Institution in the Country Anymore . . . Sure Used to Be," Rev. Jerry Herships
June 19, 2016, "us or them OR us for them," Rev. Ryan Canaday
June 05, 2016, "Buen Camino: The Way Is Made My Walking," Dr. Janet Forbes
May 22, 2016, "Faith Improvised! Trusting the Fire!," Dr. Janet Forbes
May 15, 2016, "This Holy Spirit Stuff Raises All Sorts of Questions," Rev. Ryan Canaday
May 08, 2016, "Everyone Is Winging It, Some Just Do It More Confidently," Rev. Ryan Canaday
May 01, 2016, "Syncopation: Accenting the Offbeat," Dr. Janet Forbes
April 24, 2016, "A New Beginning: What Do These Stones Mean?," Dr. Janet Forbes
April 17, 2016, "Bunkbeds, Bears and Blessings - Oh My!," Dr. Janet Forbes
April 10, 2016, "Transitions: The Necessity of Grace and Compromise . . . And Ladders," Rev. Ryan Canaday
April 03, 2016, "Staying Present In The Struggle," Rev. Ryan Canaday
March 27, 2016, "Life!," Dr. Janet Forbes
March 27, 2016, "Light!," Rev. Ryan Canaday
March 20, 2016, "The Gift of Misfits," Dr. Janet Forbes
March 13, 2016, "The Gift of Temptation," Dr. Janet Forbes
February 28, 2016, "The Gift of Being Thunderstruck," Dr. Janet Forbes
February 21, 2016, "The Gift of Emptiness," Rev. Ryan Canaday
February 14, 2016, "The Gift of Uncertainty," Rev. Ryan Canaday
February 7, 2016, "Attending A Baptism," Dr. Janet Forbes
January 31, 2016, "The Problem With Religious Rocketships and Holy Elevators," Rev. Ryan Canaday
January 24, 2016, "Fear Not," Dr. Janet Forbes
January 17, 2016, "Anger And The Things Trapped In Your Bones," Rev. Ryan Canaday
January 10, 2016, "So Much Emotion! So Much to Say!," Dr. Janet Forbes
January 03, 2016, "The Rest Of The Story," Dr. Janet Forbes
December 20, 2015, "A Little Child Shall Lead Them," Dr. Janet Forbes
December 06, 2015, "The Messy Middle," Rev. Ryan Canaday
November 29, 2015, "Keep The Vigil!," Dr. Janet Forbes
November 22, 2015, "Cut The Anchors Loose," Rev. Ryan Canaday
November 15, 2015, "In Prison But Not Imprisoned," Rev. Ryan Canaday
November 8, 2015, "Blind Man's Bluff!," Dr. Janet Forbes
November 1, 2015, "The Communitas of The Saints," Dr. Janet Forbes
October 25, 2015, "The Invitations of Pentecost," Dr. Janet Forbes
October 18, 2015, "Why Do You Stare Into An Empty Sky?," Rev. Ryan Canaday
October 11, 2015, "A Future With Hope," Dr. Janet Forbes
October 04, 2015, "Hands And Feet," Dr. Janet Forbes
September 27, 2015, "Liminality," Rev. Graham Horsley
September 20, 2015, "Walking Barefoot!," Dr. Janet Forbes
September 13, 2015, "Communitas: Why?," Rev. Ryan Canaday
September 06, 2015, "Shawshank Redemption & Nicodemus: Experiences of Hope and Rebirth," Rev. Ryan Canaday
August 30, 2015, "Patch Adams, Abraham, Us: Doing A New Thing and Going Big," Rev. Ryan Canaday
August 23, 2015, "The Masks We Wear," Dr. Janet Forbes
August 16, 2015, "Big Stories, Back Stories!," Dr. Janet Forbes
August 09, 2015, "Frozen: A Postmodern Telling of the Gospel," Rev. Ryan Canaday
August 02, 2015, "Riding The Rapids," Dr. Janet Forbes
July 19, 2015, "Stories Change Us . . . and Sometimes We Kick and Scream in the Process," Rev. Ryan Canaday
July 12, 2015, "A Reflective Voice," Dr. Janet Forbes
July 05, 2015, "What Does the World Mean to You," Rev. Ryan Canaday
June 28, 2015, "A Story Too Good Not To Be True," Dr. Janet Forbes
June 21, 2015, "Field of Dreams, Drink Offerings, and this Question: What if You Build It and No One Comes?," Rev. Ryan Canaday
June 14, 2015, ""Saving" Private Ryan?," Rev. Dave Money
June 07, 2015, "It's More Than Just A Spoon," Rev. Ryan Canaday
May 31, 2015, "What's In The Bag? A Prayer For Owen Meany," Rev. Sarah Merchant
May 24, 2015, "Let Love Lead," Dr. Janet Forbes
May 17, 2015, "Seeing The Other In Our Mirror," Dr. Janet Forbes
May 10, 2015, "Holding Tension Between Science and Faith," Dr. Janet Forbes
May 03, 2015, "Finding Ourselves In The Story," Rev. Ryan Canaday
April 26, 2015, "Did You Hear My Story?," Rev. Sarah Merchant
April 19, 2015, "Finding Father Abraham," Dr. Janet Forbes
April 12, 2015, "We Gather In Beloved Community," Dr. Janet Forbes
April 5, 2015, "Open!," Rev. Ryan Canaday
April 5, 2015, "New Life!" Dr. Janet Forbes
March 29, 2015, "A Fork In The Road," Dr. Janet Forbes
March 22, 2015, "The Rooster Crows: Seeing God At The Bottom Of It All," Rev. Ryan Canaday
March 15, 2015, "Just A Number, Just A Criminal," Dr. Janet Forbes
March 08, 2015, "The Healing That Changes You," Dr. Janet Forbes
March 01, 2015, "Really, You Wanna Drop Everything And Follow That Guy?," Rev. Ryan Canaday
February 22, 2015, "Another Story Must Begin," Dr. Janet Forbes
February 15, 2015, "Fraught With Danger," Rev. Ryan Canaday
February 08, 2015, "Forgiveness: The Gift We Give Ourselves," Dr. Janet Forbes
February 01, 2015, "Grounding Our Story In Prayer," Rev. Ryan Canaday
January 25, 2015, "Grounding Our Story With Clear Eyes," Rev. Sarah Merchant
January 18, 2015, "Grounding Our Story In Love," Dr. Janet Forbes
January 11, 2015, "Grounding Our Story In An Upside-Down World," Rev. Ryan Canaday
January 04, 2015, "Home By Another Way," Dr. Janet Forbes