Organ Benefit Concert
organ concert

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Our current Allen organ has served the St. Luke's community well for over two decades ... but is now facing major repairs. This "repair" time frame is normal for any organ (pipe or electronic) to require rebuilding, upgrading, or replacing.

While it is possible to repair our organ, parts are becoming more scarce and expensive; the St. Luke's leadership determined it is a better investment to upgrade to a new organ, rather than to be paying for present (and future) costly repairs. new organ

We are raising funds for a new 66-stop, 3-manual customized Allen Organ designed by "The First Lady of the Organ," Diane Bish. The Allen Organ Company has had major advancements in amplifier, tone generation, digital replication, speaker technology, and future upgradability over the last 20 years that will greatly enhance the worship and musical outreach of the St. Luke's community. This instrument will actually be six distinct organs in one console, offering pipe organ samples from some of the world's finest pipe organ builders (American, French, English, German ...). While the organ is equipped with its own speaker system, it can input directly into St. Luke's sound system for streaming and drama productions as needed.

The new Allen Organ's capabilities will offer the community of St. Luke's an endless array of inspiring musical opportunities for generations. I am grateful for your presence and your support during this campaign.

Kenrick Mervine, Associate Director of Music and Organist