Pray for Ukraine



Provide relief for Ukraine via UMCOR and their International Disaster Response and Recovery advance: click here

Ways to help the people of Ukraine, including the Advance number and link to give directly to the UMC of Ukraine: Click here

Facebook post from the District Superintendent of the UMC of Ukraine: Click here

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Loving and Merciful God,

We come together this day as a community of faith and compassion as we lift prayers for our brothers and sisters in Ukraine.  We ask that you surround 
them with your strength and your courage as they struggle to preserve democracy in the face of the Russian invasion.  We learn with sadness of the one million Ukrainians who are leaving their homes and their neighborhoods, who will become refugees in a strange land.  We weep with both the Ukrainian and Russian families who are losing loved ones in the battles being fought.

We know that you are walking with them.  Help them to feel your presence.  Remind them that you care about their future and that you desire they live in peace and harmony.  Give them courage to face the problems that lie ahead from the scars of the war.  

We lift up prayers for our president and all the world leaders that they might make decisions that will unite rather than divide.  Make them ambassadors of peace and your love.    And let us also be instruments of your love, as we try to find ways we can help and support the Ukrainian people in their struggles.  We stand staunchly and fervently behind the people of Ukraine in their fight for freedom.

During this season of Lent, our minds and hearts turn to Jesus, our Prince of Peace, our Comforter, and our Source of Hope.  As the Ukrainian people suffer through this challenging time, we ask for your mercy for their well being.  Help them to choose faith over fear, trust over doubt, and hope over despair.

We are so grateful for your presence in their and our lives.  We thank you for Christ's promise of everlasting love and his promise to never forsake us.  We pray in his name.  AMEN


Our hearts break as Ukraine suffers in the face of violence and hatred. We are humbled by the profound loss felt by so many. The horrors of war leave us breathless.

We feel the need to take action, to do something to help during this challenging time. We ask for your guidance.

Lord, we pray for all human beings, all animals and plant life that are victims of this war in Ukraine. We pray for those in Russia whose hearts are with Ukraine and are risking their lives as they raise their voices in protest against their government. We pray for the entire world community.

May your love and compassion bring comfort and strength to us all. May your light bring protection, especially to the weakest and most vulnerable. May your wisdom turn the hearts of those who seek to destroy, to a place of peace.

Lord have mercy on us all. In Christ's name we pray.

God is our refuge and strength, an ever present help in trouble.      PSALM 46:1

The peace of God which surpasses all understanding will guard your hearts and your minds in Christ Jesus.    PHILIPPIANS 4:7