Bereavement Team Lead

Title:  Bereavement Team Leader

Purpose:  To make food service (reception) arrangements when there is a funeral at St. Luke’s

Responsible to: Clergy Team

Description of Duties: With advice of the family, plan menu for foodservice. This can be anything from snacks to a full meal. Organize helpers from the Bereavement Team List for the event.  Purchase groceries for the event. Advise family members of the costs based on the Menu Guidelines.   Attend any Common Table gatherings.

Time Requirements: Shopping for food before event.  Funeral events usually 3 hours.  6-8 hours day of event including prep and clean-up.

Term: 2 yrs or longer if you are enjoying

Training and Resources: Prior foodservice experience helpful. Periodical cost comparisons of food items in order to provide food at reasonable costs.

Skills and gifts: Compassion/Mercy, Hospitality, Helps and Administration

Benefits to one serving in this role: Become acquainted with great people. Feel appreciation from families and staff for services we provide.

Completed by/date: 3/28/2017  Renae Parra and Caroline Butler