Community for Senior Adults (55 and older)

For general questions or for more information about our Senior opportunities please feel free to contact Sam Leahy

Samantha Leahy currently serves as the Director of Community & Early Childhood Ministry and has been on staff at St. Luke's since 2002. Sam appreciates the opportunity to serve our congregation in meaningful ways and finds inspiration in our community and the generosity of people who serve others. Since entering age 50 and beyond, Sam believes these years can be the most confident and satisfying period in our lives so far!

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Conversation with the Pastors

Conversations with our pastors meet the 1st Tuesday of each month: 2:00-3:00pm.

  • June 4: Rev. Liza
  • July 2: Rev. Calob 

Senior Dining Out Groups

Adult seniors join a dining group that meet once a month for lunch or dinner. Groups rotate members every 4 months throughout the year. The dining groups give people the opportunity to socialize while outside the church building, engaging in laughter, exploring interesting topics, eating great food and strengthening those ties that bind us as a community.

For more information please contact Sam Leahy

Common Thread

Join us on the first Wednesdays of the month at 10:00am. Come join this group celebrating the beautiful tapestry of our lives as retirees, woven together with stories, devotions, and, of course, delightful refreshments. Whether you're looking to connect with new friends or share cherished moments with old ones, this gathering promises to be a source of inspiration and laughter.

For more information please contact Betty Ludlam

Itch to Stitch

Make items for Veterans Hospital, Warren Village, hospital nurseries for needy newborns and premature babies, senior facilities, and Prayer Shawls for St. Luke's care ministry. All skill levels plus all ages are welcome.

For more information please contact Fran West

Senior Excursions

Event outings are planned quarterly for seniors to visit museums, nature and cultural events.

For more information please contact Pam and Jim Burke

Devotional Service at Mill Vista at Windcrest

Rev Liza Stoltz Hanson and Sam Leahy provide a 30 minute devotional service and communion to residents of Mill Vista on the fourth Tuesday of the month at 3:00pm on the 2nd floor living room.

Windcrest Bus Pick Up Sundays Services

A St. Luke's bus will pick up Wind Crest residents for the 9:30am Sunday Worship Service; please see pick up schedule and times:
Mill Vista: 8:35am
Colorado Clubhouse: 8:45am
Highline Overlook: 8:55 am
Town Center: 9:00 am

Men's Social Breakfast Club

Men's Social Breakfast Club meets on the last Monday of each month at 7:30 AM at the local Village Inn.

For more information please contact Steve Stine