Music and Arts Ministries

Music and Arts Ministry Team

Dr. James Ramsey, Director of Music and Arts Ministries

Kenrick Mervine, Associate Director of Music Ministries and Organist

Kay Coryell, Director of Handbells and Children’s Music Ministries

Angela Alderson, Director of Children’s and Youth Music Ministries

Chris Rigolini, Director of Instrumental Music Ministries

Stephanie Kirk, Music and Arts Administrative Assistant

Contact a team member today to get involved or to ask questions:
Dr. Jim 303-791-0659 x123 or email James
Ken 303-791-0659 x133 or email Ken
Kay 303-791-0659 x136 or email Kay
Chris 303-791-0659 x146 or email Chris
Angela Email Angela
Stephanie  or email Stephanie

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James Ramsey performing Spirit of Life

Jazz Psalms Experience, Nov. 10, 2013