Caring Connection Team Lead

Title:  St. Luke’s Caring Connection Team – Team Leader

A small group within St. Luke’s that serves and supports our church community on an as-needed basis by:

Responsible to:  Church Staff Liaison and the St. Luke’s Community

Description of Duties:
Help and/or support is provided on an as-needed basis as the staff learns of individual or family needs within the St. Luke’s community and notifies the Caring Connection Coordinator by telephone or E-Mail about the need.  The Coordinator then contacts the individual/family re:  their needs/preferences (meal, ride, etc.).  The Coordinator follows up with the Caring Connection Team via E-Mail for assistance.  Team members respond, as they are able to the current needs.  The Coordinator continues to monitor the request on a timely basis until the need is met and maintains notes re: requests/follow-up/action. Attend quarterly Common Table gatherings.

Time Requirements:
The Caring Connection Coordinator spends approximately 6 – 8 hours per month in responding to/filling requests and attending the weekly Care Team meetings. Caring Connection team members are notified of needs via E-Mail and they then can respond to the requests outlined by the Caring Connection Coordinator as their time/schedule allows.  To fill a request, the team member would usually spend 1 – 3 hours on meal prep/pick-up and delivery of the meal.  There are no regular meetings or expectations about participation on the team.  If people want to get on the E-Mail list they can do it online at our website. Check your email list annually for members to add and come off. Update with the web master online.

2yrs or as long as you are enjoying the position.

Training and Resources:
Team members that respond to needs generally provide the meal, driving, etc., at their own expense.

Skills and gifts:
Nurturing/compassion, Organization.

Benefits to one serving in this role:
Satisfaction from reaching out and helping people in need usually during some difficult times in their lives.  It’s also a great way to get to know more people at St. Luke’s.

Lynda Fickling 1/16