Children's Ministry Team

Children's Ministry Team Description:The role of the Children's Ministry Team (CMT) is to partner with St. Luke's staff and clergy to ensure the children of St. Luke's know the love of God through Christ through a program that is engaging, nourishing, safe and fun. Team members bring their gifts, skills, knowledge and experience to enhance and diversify the CMT. Team members are key liaisons to communicate any questions, concerns or suggestions to and from the congregation, Children's Ministry and pastoral staff. Team members will honor diversity and new ideas, while maintaining tradition in our children's faith development. The team will be guided by St. Luke's Children’s Ministry mission statement: In caring for the children of St. Luke's and their families, we seek to nurture and develop faithful loving lives, modeled after the Love, Acceptance, Justice, and Hope of Jesus, through relationship and learning. We strive to create sacred spaces and experiences for children to discover and share our principles of GRACE, COURAGE, WONDER & BEYOND inspired by God’s love.

Team Commitments:The team consists of 9 individuals - each on a three-year term, Children's Ministry staff and a clergy representative. The team typically meets quarterly and communicates via email throughout the year. Other interested members/constituents of St. Luke's are welcome to attend.

Team Member Commitments:Each team member serves on a three-year termed team. Team members are expected to be at CMT meetings. CMT meetings are open to all members and constituents of St. Luke's, however if a need for a vote should arise, termed team members will be the voting party. The team is encouraged to discern, discuss and find solutions before defaulting to a voting situation. The team is also encouraged to participate and assist at CM events as they are able.

Updated 2020