Common Table Facilitator

Title:  Facilitator, Common Table

Purpose:  To keep the meeting(s) of the Common Table running smoothly and on schedule; to allow the flow of discussion and input in an open, welcoming manner; to assist in compiling the agenda, feedback and minutes; to act as an advocate for continued congregational participation in CT.

Responsible to:  Clergy Team Lead, Executive Team Lead and Director of Servant Ministry

Description of Duties: Host all Common Table meetings, and assist with set-up/cleanup; attend Executive Team Meetings; meet regularly with Clergy Team Lead, Director of Servant Ministry, Executive Team Lead to put together the agenda; arrange for someone to take minutes of CT meetings; compile feedback and distribute; newsletter articles; Ministry Moment(s).

*Time Requirements:
Generally, the requirements are 1-2 hours a month, depending on the scheduling of the meeting(s).

Term:  Three years, with an added 6 months to assist new facilitator

Training and Resources:  experience as a facilitator; good people skills, organization

Skills and gifts:  Faith, administration, leadership

Benefits to one serving in this role: Meet a variety of people who participate at all levels within the St. Luke’s organization, from governance to worship. Develop a working knowledge of different aspects of Inclusiveness, Missions, Relationships and Spirituality as they relate to the individuals and the community of St. Luke’s.  Personal involvement in the forward-progress of our church.

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Lynda Fickling