Drama Team

Title: Drama Team

Purpose: To share God’s message with our community through musical and theatrical talents. And to support St. Luke’s Mission Team with production profits and matching funds.

Responsible to: Director of Music & Arts

Description of duties:
Plan drama productions at St. Luke’s. Coordinate the following for each production: finances, mission involvement, publicity, artistic direction, technical direction which includes costuming, props, set design and construction, make-up and hair, sound and lights, and hospitality. Attend quarterly Common Table gatherings.

Time requirements:
Varies for each production. 1-2hours/quarter for planning meetings.

Term: 2yr or longer as you are enjoying the role.

Training and Resources:  see Director of Music & Arts

Skills and gifts: Creative Communication, Administration, Discernment, Leadership and Wisdom.

Benefits to one serving in this role:
Develop personal skills, organizational skills and knowledge of the arts while being in fellowship with individuals who are passionate about drama.