Family Camp Lead

Title:                St. Luke’s Family Camp                    

Enjoy the outdoors in the amazing Rocky Mountains, spend quality family time together, get to know other church members, sing, play, get dirty, pray, learn, exercise, rest, have fun!

Responsible to: Director of Servant Ministry
Reserve camp sites one year in advance
Set up a table with an interest sign-up sheet and volunteer sheet during the Ministry Fair
Set up and be in charge of the Family Camp table on Sunday mornings between services in April
At the Family Camp table in April, have people sign up to volunteer at or before camp, hand out
            information, take registrations and checks, answer questions
Also at the Family Camp table in April:  bring something to attract people (tent in the
            front yard, marshmallows and chocolate at your table, etc.), a table, checkered table cloth,
            poster, sign-up sheet for those interested in attending camp, registration forms, information
Recruit volunteers to help with crafts, food, activities, Sunday morning service, music
Make deposits with the Financial Director of St. Luke’s to cover receipts for Family Camp supplies
Organize crafts (includes making banners for families to decorate at Family Camp) or delegate this
            responsibility to a volunteer
Organize food (2 community breakfasts, 2 potluck dinners, snacks, paper goods, utensils, water) or
            delegate this responsibility to a volunteer
Plan the Sunday morning service (songs, meditation, communion) or delegate to a volunteer
Plan a few activities for the weekend or delegate to a volunteer
Create Family Camp packets:  cover letter, reservation confirmation, information on the campground
            and surrounding area, map to the campground, schedule for the weekend

Time Requirements:
In March, 1 hour:  call campground to confirm the campsites that you had reserved the previous year, find out when the campground needs the exact # of reservations needed (usually around June 1st)

In April, 6 hours:  sit at Family Camp table between services or organize other volunteers to do this.

In May, 4 hours:  make sure that you have all checks and registration forms from those who indicated that they wanted to attend camp.  End of May:  assign families to individual sites and call campground with these assignments, call campground to make sure that all families attending called to pay their deposit and reserve their individual site

In June, 10-15 hours:  put together Family Camp packets and mail out, confirm reservations with campground, finish getting things ready with crafts and activities and organizing food or checking in with the volunteers that are doing these jobs

In July, 3-4 days:  Purchase all food needed (or make sure that a volunteer is doing this).  Camping!  Also, reserve campsites for the following year.

In August, 3 hours:  make sure that all receipts have been reimbursed and send out the dates for the following year’s Family Camp.  Also, ask people if they would like to volunteer for the next year.

In September, 3 hours:  Have a Family Camp table during the Ministry Fair.

2 years or ss long as you’re enjoying it!

Training and Resources:
Go through the process with me for 1 year.  Time requirement for this would be about 6-8 hours for the year.

Skills and gifts:
Love of camping and outdoors
Communication skills
Recruiting skills (getting volunteers to help with camp)
Love being with other families
Have fun with kids
Good at delegating tasks

Benefits to one serving in this role:
I get so much closer to many of the families that I know who attend camp and get to know families that I might not have met from just being at church.  I love camping, and doing so with other families is even better!  I’ve attended Family Camp for 9 years, and we always have a wonderful group of families.  I love how my kids create bonds with the other kids that are camping- they LIVE together for a weekend.  How can they help but bond? 

I took over Family Camp because I didn’t want to see it disappear.  That’s how much it means to me!

Completed by/date:
Amy Antinoro
January 16, 2009