Finance Team

Title:  SLUMC Finance Team


Insure SLUMC General Fund fiscal responsibility and integrity in accordance with the Methodist Discipline

Responsible to:

The SLUMC Congregation, Executive Team and Lead Minister.

Description of Duties:

Establish and monitor SLUMC General Fund and budget process
Oversee SLUMC General Fund income and expenses
Maintain “transparency” of SLUMC General Fund finances to congregation
Support the Director of Finance, a SLUMC staff position
Initiate an audit of SLUMC General Fund finances
Fully implement the tenants of the Methodist Discipline
Time Requirements:

Team meeting of one to two hours in the months of Feb, April, June, Aug, Oct and Nov at 6:30 PM with the Director of Finance and clergy overseeing Finance. Currently meetings are held on the 3rd Tuesday of the month. There is usually no preparation other than review of General Fund monthly budgets, income and expense reports


Three (3) consecutive years

Training and Resources:

No formal training is included or required, but individual review of the Methodist Discipline is encouraged located in the UMC Guidelines handout

Skills and gifts:
Administrative, Giving and Faith
Genuine interest in financial and accounting matters and to insure General Fund financial or general interest in asking questions on the financial health of the church
Transparency to the congregation

Benefits to one serving in this role:

Fulfills the oversight of SLUMC General Fund finances.

Completed by/date: RParra (9/2020)