Get Connected Center Lead

Title: Get Connected Center Lead

Purpose: To connect guests to the many programs we offer. Equip and offer assistance to those who approach the Center.

Responsible to: Director of Servant Ministry

Description of Duties: Maintain team roster, invite new members to team. Keep Center current with information and inform team about new events/items that month/week. Attend quarterly Common Table gatherings.

Time Requirements: 30 minutes a month. A break down to 10 minutes every Sunday to check on items at the center and to make sure team is secure that day.

Term: Two years or as long as you are enjoying the team!

Training and Resources: Monthly briefings and notices from the Director of Servant ministry. Familiarize yourself with the “happenings” of the church via online, chronicle, ministry catalog and items at the center. If you don’t know the answer, not to worry, we take down their questions and give to the Director of Servant Ministry that Sunday.

Skills and gifts: Helps, Hospitality, Encouragement, Administration

Benefits to one serving in this role: Knowing that you have helped those who are seeking to become a part of the community of St. Luke’s in a warm and relational way.

Completed by/date:
Lynda Fickling