Grocery Team Lead

Title: Grocery Team Lead      

Purpose:  Maintain the Grocery teams with members and to make sure there is team coverage on Sunday mornings.

Responsible to: St. Luke’s Director of Finance

Description of Duties: Organize, train and maintain members and the volunteer calendar located online. Send out email reminders to work and encourage folks to sign up. Fill in on Sunday morning duties should no one sign up. Attend quarterly Common Table gatherings.

Time Requirements: 1-2hrs a month depending on who signs up for duties.

Term: 2yrs or longer if you are enjoying the position.

Training and Resources: Prior leader will train.

Skills and gifts: Administration, Helps, Hospitality.

Benefits to one serving in this role: Knowing that your efforts are generating much-needed funds for St. Luke’s. Meeting and getting to know other church members.

Updated by Paula Severseike 10/10