Guest Services Team

Title: Guest Services Team

Purpose: To welcome, invite and direct guests of St. Luke’s on Sunday mornings.

Responsible to: Guest Service Team Lead & Director of Servant Ministry

Description of Duties: Welcome those who are entering the church before and/or after services. Should they ask, direct them to their location in question – please walk the families downstairs vs pointing (let the greeter know you are leaving so they can watch for new folks). If they are new, please hand them a purple Welcome Bag!

Time Requirements: Serve at the Guest Service podium once a month between assigned services for 30 minutes.

Term: 2 years or longer if you are enjoying the team.

Training and Resources: Team Leader and Leadership Training/Workshops once, every other year.

Skills and gifts: Helps and Hospitality

Benefits to one serving in this role: It is a pleasure to meet all the guests and newcomers to St. Luke’s!

Completed by/date: Mercedes von Normann 1/29/2011
Updated 5/16 LF