Lay Leader

Title: Lay Leader

Purpose: Connect the congregation in community. Grow faith through support of congregational integrity.  Lay leaders connect to our clergy and staff as representatives of the congregational community.

Responsible to: Clergy Team

Description of duties:
Advocate for church laity and community.
Build awareness of church vision within the congregation.
Meet regularly with pastoral staff to discuss congregational health.
Share service on following teams: Executive, Finance, Mission, Equipping Ministry Team
and Staff/Parish Relations.
Serve as liturgist for baptisms as needed.
Model faithful discipleship.
Attend quarterly Executive Team meetings (Team Lead only; optional for other members).
Make plans with leaders in your congregation for celebrating the ministry of laypeople, especially on Laity Sunday.

Time requirements:
One hour a month.

Term: 3yr

Training and Resources: Guidelines for Lay Leader/Lay Member per Book of Discipline; hands-on learning as a participant on the team.  Lay Servant classes are available at the District level for those who want to go deeper into studying lay leadership.

Skills and gifts: Faith, Discernment, Encouragement and Leadership.

Benefits to one serving in this role:
Being an extension of the Clergy Team and serving the community of St. Luke’s.
Learn about the workings of our church.
Feeling of connectedness to staff and congregation.

Created by Karin Wesson: 10/2010
Updated: Renae Parra 10/2020