Library Team

Title:  Library Team

Purpose:  Manage the book collection of St. Luke’s

Responsible to:  Administrative Assistant of St. Luke’s

Description of Duties:  Inspect books that are donated.  Repair damaged books, as possible.   Organize the St. Luke’s book collections, both for the adult and the children’s library.  Create and maintain records of books, catalogue for both libraries.            

*Time Requirements: examples – Meet quarterly, as a team to discuss the needs of our library.
            Attend a library team work day, once/quarter 1-4 hours, for inspection, repair, organization and record keeping.

Term:   2-3 years, at your pleasure

Training and Resources: 

Skills and gifts:  Administration, craftsmanship, helps

Benefits to one serving in this role:  Fulfilling work, serving as a resource to others as they seek God’s plan in their life.

Completed by/date:  Karin Wesson 8/21/11