Parent Night Out Group Coordinator

Title: Parent Night Out Group Coordinator

To provide parents with 10 nights out per year using a co-op method for childcare. Parents work 2 Fridays per year and get 10 Fridays to go out each year. We currently meet the 2nd Friday of the month from 6:00 – 9:30

Responsible to: Children’s Ministry

Description of Duties:
Send e-mail work reminders each month
Send e-mail notice of participation each month
Contact person for other members if they have questions or can not work their scheduled night.
Work the ministry fair
Set up the year’s PNO schedule each November
Recruit new members
Make sure that the child/adult ratio stays within state guidelines
Train new members each January
Arrive 15 minutes early for each PNO to unlock church and set-up.
Set-up and maintain forms

Time Requirements:

  1. Once a month, preparation                  Time: 30 minutes

Term: 1 calendar year (January – December)

Training and Resources: Copies of forms and procedures currently in place. Training by outgoing PNO coordinator.

Skills and gifts: Administration, helps, hospitality.

Benefits to one serving in this role: Getting to know many different families of the community.

Completed by/date: Suzanne Sharpe 5/27/2009