Softball Team Lead

Title:    Softball Team Lead

Purpose: Facilitate formation and start of the two softball teams sponsored by St. Luke’s

Responsible to: Director of Servant Ministry

Description of Duties: In mid-April prepare and take to the church a poster sign-up sheet so that those interested in playing softball can sign up. Have this at the church on Sun. mornings for at least two months prior to softball season. Collect $10 from each player. Turn the money in to the church Director of Finance. Attend organizational meeting for the church softball league. Through phone call, secure two individuals who agree to be team captains of our two teams. With concurrence of the captains, take the names of players and split into two teams. Contact those who played previously that had not yet signed up to see if they wish to play again! Get a check from the Director of Finance for softball entry fees for both teams and turn this over to the Head of the League.
On computer, enter the two teams – all members and their emails, so as to communicate to which team they are on, first scheduled game, directions to field, complete softball season schedule, etc. Work with the two captains to be sure they understand duties and responsibilities. Furnish them team rosters, schedules, equipment, and league rules. During the season provided contact between captains and the Head of the League. Serve as umpire for games as requested.

Time Requirements: About 20hrs

Term: Softball Season

Training and Resources: from previous lead

Skills and gifts: Organizational, Administrative

Benefits to one serving in this role: You get to know those playing on the softball teams. Foster good will among the churches.

Completed by/date: Bill Dearasaugh  1/29/09