Stephen Minister

Title:  Stephen Minister

Purpose:  To offer one on one care to those who are experiencing challenging circumstances
(Illness, grief, loss, transitions, vocational challenges, health concerns, divorce, separation, parenting issues, etc.). 

Responsible to: Stephen Leaders – and Pastoral Team

Description of Duties:
Complete 50 hours of specialized training to become commissioned as a Stephen Minister
Offer one-on-one care and support to others.
Participate in monthly Stephen Ministry continuing education sessions and twice-monthly supervision group meeting to continuing enhancing skills as a Stephen Minister.

*Time Requirements:
Attendance at 2 supervision group meetings per month (1 ½ hours for each session)
Attendance at 1 Continuing Education session per month (1 ½ hours per month)
Meet with a Care Receiver approximately once per week for one hour

Term:  The Stephen Ministry Commitment following training is a minimum of two years.  Stephen Ministers are welcomed to serve longer than two years.  Most individuals in the ministry choose to serve for three years or longer.  

Training and Resources:
Approximately every 18 months to 2 years a new Stephen Ministry Training Class is offered at St. Luke’s.  The training, based on Christian faith, includes 50 hours of preparation on a variety of skills that are not only helpful for the one-on-one care ministry but also for one’s relationships with friends, family, and colleagues.

Skills and gifts:
Supporting others through difficult times, listening, encouraging, patience, humor, and compassion.

Benefits to one serving in this role:
Being part of a committed team
Offering care and compassion to members of our community and beyond
In-depth training that applies to ministry and to life
Building relationships

Completed by/date:  August 24, 2011