Title: Trustee Team Member

Purpose: Trustees are responsible for managing church property, equipment, and investments to support the vision, mission and values of St. Luke’s

Responsible to: Executive Team, Lead Minister, Trustee Team and the community of St. Luke’s.

Description of Duties: Most Trustee activities involve maintenance, repair, or installation of church property (building, landscaping, bus, and contents (such as audio/visual equipment)).  Maintenance of church property also includes occasional help with yard work, mowing, weeding, etc. 

Time Requirements: Attend quarterly Service Saturday events: 1 – 4 hours; monthly meetings and helping with tasks through-out the month, 1-2 hours a week.

Term: 3 years

Training and Resources: We generally match tasks with people’s existing expertise, plus we have many opportunities to learn new skills by working with other trustees.

Skills and gifts: General “handyman” skills are valuable; experience with electronics or computers would be helpful; organizational skills are useful for larger projects.

Benefits to one serving in this role: Feeling of accomplishment and pride after work projects

Revised: RParra 09/2020