Wedding Team Member

Title: Wedding Team Member

Purpose: Coordinate all weddings and receptions that occur at St. Luke’s. The goal is to make the couple’s special day as spiritual and happy as possible.

Responsible to: The church, the officiating pastor, the accompanist, and the bride.

Description of Duties: We meet with the bride (& groom) at least twice prior to their wedding. We discuss their plans for the wedding, and make sure all the steps are taken and are within church guidelines. We act as liaison between the pastor, accompanist and the bride. We assist at the rehearsal and the wedding. We also will be at the reception if it is held at the church.

Time Requirements: –
We have a meeting at least once yearly with the team.
We rotate the weddings among the team members. Those vary in number throughout the year.
The minimum time requirment per wedding is 8 hours total.  (2 one hour meetings with the bride prior to rehearsal, 2 hours for rehearsal, and 4 hours for the wedding)

Term: 2 years or longer if you are enjoying the team.

Training and Resources: The Team Leader will train/orient new team members (as well as old) to the guidelines, process, etc.  The Team Leader is always available by phone for questions. The Team Leader will assist at your first wedding if needed/desired.

Skills and gifts: Hospitality, Service and Administrative.
This is generally a happy occasion, so a good smile, friendliness, and some organizational skills are great gifts.  Another gift is the ability to be diplomatic yet flexible in meeting the needs of the bride at the same time abiding by the guidelines of the church.

Benefits to one serving in this role: You often will be a part of the couple’s memory forever!  You will meet other people of the congregation. It’s a blessing to see such a special day unravel before your eyes.


Completed by/date: Kam Boles, Jan. 23, 2009