Zimbabwe Update: Feb., 2005


From Janine Roberts (Our Missions Team gave Janine $1000 dollars from last year's missions budget for her mission's work in Zimbabwe)


A time to build up...


Hello everyone!


Just wanted to update you on what has been happening with Project H.O.P.E. in the last few months since I

have been home. The volunteers I work with in Zimbabwe are continuing to do regular visitations to

all our orphans out in the rural areas. Many have improved health and all our kids have started back to

school. Benji and Chipo are excited to send their midterm grade reports soon and are really loving

boarding school.


As for me, I had a great visit with my family over the Christmas break. The first week of January I

attended a conference for my mission board and was approved as a long term missionary back to Zimbabwe.

I was fortunate to be able to spend the last few weeks in Kentucky with many of my old friends and a few new

ones. It was a great time of renewal for me. I will now be traveling for a while to raise support for the

outreach project and hope to return to Zimbabwe in April or May depending on how soon I am granted a work



Please continue in prayer for the children in Zimbabwe and for the country itself. Elections for political

parties will be held March 31st so please pray for peace during that time and for God's will to be

accomplished. Hope you are all doing well. Let me know what you have been up to!


Wenyu Munashe,