Styles and Standards Guide

In an effort to present a more unified look and feel and consistent messaging, we have started a Styles & Standards Guide that consists of recommended styles and standards for St. Luke’s United Methodist Church. This guide will be a resource when creating any communications materials. This applies to electronic correspondence (website, emails, etc.) and all printed materials (letters, bulletin, The Chronicle, flyers, etc.) This is a dynamic document and will be updated often as new additions and changes to the Styles & Standards Guide are brought to our attention. Please contact us with any suggested updates to this Guide or if you have any questions or need clarification. Thanks!



We have an established letterhead, business card and envelope design - please use this for any communication (don’t design your own). Our high-quality, professionally printed envelopes and stationery is to be used only for communicating outside our members and constituents. For communicating with our members and constituents, please use our standard #10 envelopes and 24# standard white paper, in-house printed stationery.


Primarily we use 2 font families at St. Luke’s:

(Any decorative font can be used as a highlight along with the above fonts to reflect the theme being represented.)

For html emails we use Arial and Garamond. (Garamond Italic does not read very well on screen, so avoid it if possible - use Gill Sans or Arial for italics.)

Children’s Ministry adds in Cabin Sketch and Canda Tawa fonts for branding


We have an established look and feel for St. Luke’s ministry pamphlets - please consult the Communications Team if you are designing your own pamphlet - for consistency


We have a wide collection of photos. If you are looking for a specific photo topic, please check with Sharon Oliver or Ken Fong.


So that there is consistent messaging, if you are creating a flyer outside of the Communications Team - please let them know so they can keep the look and feel consistent through other communication vehicles (big screen announcements, The Chronicle, ads, etc.)


When planning an event, remember all of the various communication opportunities we have at St. Luke’s: Sunday morning announcements (on the big screen, from the altar/pulpit, a ministry moment), flyers, posters, newspaper, brochures, bulletin, postcards, door hangers, The Chronicle, email, website, etc. All of these need to contain consistent messaging and graphics for your event so please plan ahead and make sure that both look and feel and messaging is consistent through all media. The Communications Team can help.


Various versions of the St. Luke's logo are available here. Leave space around the logo. Never stretch the logo; always keep it in it’s proper aspect ratio when sizing up or down.


St. Luke’s main color is purple (PMS 520.) Our accent colors are red (PMS 201) and black. The logo should never appear in any other color combinations.


Our weekly bulletin consists of announcements and a worship order that is updated weekly. There is limited room and announcements must be approved by the Office Administrator before being put in the bulletin. Submit bulletin announcements here.


Each Sunday we have announcements shown on the big screen before worship services. Although submitted from various sources, these announcements will be formatted to meet St. Luke’s standards. An attempt will be made to keep a unique theme in place if it fits the spirit and quality St. Luke’s strives to project.


All pages should have consistent header. Content should reflect current marketing materials. Some ministry areas have their own specific web look: Little School, SLY, etc., but should ahere to our general standards


Many of our ministry areas have their own distinct logo/branding. We also create special looks for different seasons (Advent, Lent) and also sermon series and our materials will reflect that new look for the season or appropriate time period. The main criteria is that they still reflect the overall spirit of St. Luke’s and our mission.


Dates: no “th” or “rd” after dates/numbers - i.e.: will just be June 1 instead of June 1st - it is easier for folks to remember dates if they can see them clearer

12:00pm can be “noon” 12:00am can be “midnight” (lower case)

Times are written as 7:00pm (no spaces) unless there is just no room and then it is 7pm

website is lower case all one word

Phone numbers: 303-791-0659 x133 (dashes only then 1 space and “x” for extension)

Rooms are always capitalized: the Sanctuary (capital S), Fellowship Hall (capital F & H, no “the”), the Narthex (capital N), Classroom 111 (capital C), Goliath (capital G), Nursery (capital N), etc.

SLY (no periods, all caps)

PEAK (no periods, all caps)

Cherub’s Choir

SLY, Jr. (all caps for SLY since it is an acronym and a comma and Jr. abbreviated)

Sunday School (both capped)

Wacky Weeks (plural and no apostrophe)

Ministry is singular when referring to one of our ministry areas ie: Youth Ministry (not Youth Ministries)