In the Summer and Fall of 2018, the St. Luke's community engaged in a church-wide visioning process. From that process, we identified the why of St. Luke's in the form of a 'we exist' statement, along with four key principles that guide our ministry and life together. This work reflects who we are today as a community of faith, and gives direction for the continued journey together.

We invite you to join us as on this journey, as we move deeper into faith and community at St. Luke's and beyond!


Because of the life and teachings of Jesus, we exist to deepen people's connections with God, show compassion for all, and reflect God's love in a way that changes lives.

Grace - Because all have received God's grace, we in turn are called to extend to others respect, compassion, acceptance and love.

Courage - We take risks by welcoming different viewpoints, engaging in difficult conversations, and moving beyond comfort zones.

Wonder - Faith is a journey, not a destination. Wonder and curiosity inspire us to embrace the journey and explore the mysteries of God.

Beyond - God invites us to move beyond the self to others, beyond the norm to the new, and beyond our walls to the world.

Grace leads us to Courage. Courage moves us to Wonder. Wonder leads us to go Beyond. Beyond moves us to Grace for all.