January 2 - February 13

Fresh Faith
Find new maning for daily living.

JANUARY 2 - Fresh Faith from Anna
Even with all Anna had been through in her life, she held onto her faith to get her through.
A Narration of Jeremiah 29:1-13 and Luke 2:22-24,36-39, CEV

JANUARY 9 - Fresh Faith from Three Wise Men - Kings Sunday 
(Epiphany - liturgical color is white)
The gifts of the wise men give us the tools we need to keep the faith.
Genesis 1:1-5, CEV and Matthew 2:1-12, CEV


JANUARY 16 - Fresh Faith from Abraham and Isaac 
What are our Isaacs? What is most precious to us that we need to put in God’s hands and trust God will provide?
A Narrative of Genesis 22 

JANUARY  23 - Fresh Faith from Samson 
Without his eyes, Samson says, “now I can see.” What is in our line of vision that keeps God hidden?
A Narrative of Judges 16


FEBRUARY 6 - Fresh Faith from Samuel - SCOUT SUNDAY
The people say, “We want a King like the other nations have.” Samuel says “God is our leader.” How is God your leader? What has God led you through? What has God led you to?
John 14:1-6a TLB and A Narrative of 1 Samuel 8

FEBRUARY 13 - Fresh Faith from David 
David kills Goliath but does not need armor. He only needs God as his strength and shield. 
Psalm 23 NKJV and A Narrative of 1 Samuel 17

Week 1: January 2, 2022
Sermon: "Fresh Faith from Anna," Rev. Michele Kaminsky

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Week 2: January 9, 2022
Sermon: "Fresh Faith from the Three Wise Men," Rev. Michele Kaminsky


Week 3: January 16, 2022
Sermon: "Fresh Faith from Abraham and Isaac," Rev. Michele Kaminsky

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Week 4: January 23, 2022
Sermon: "Fresh Faith from Samson," Rev. Michele Kaminsky

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Week 5: January 30, 2022
Sermon: "Fresh Faith from Rahab," Rev. Liza Stoltz Hanson


Week 6: February 6, 2022
Sermon: "Fresh Faith from Samuel," Rev. Michele Kaminsky

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Week 7: February 13, 2022
Sermon: "Fresh Faith from David," Rev. Michele Kaminsky