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Currently - to keep our church community safe and well during the COVID crisis - we are doing virtual Sunday School for preschool and for elementary (K-6th). Check out our weekly lessons here. We are also revisiting our regular children's ministry and music ministry programs for fall - stay tuned.


At St. Luke's, children age 2–6th grade are welcome to Sunday School to learn Bible stories and experience what it means to know God through multi-sensory experiences. We offer a sacred place for children to share their story and learn about others and experience spiritual moments to connect with God. And we have fun! Come join us.
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We have 4 different Sunday School options and you can join in at any point during the year:

9:00am Sunday School: Preschool "Joy Trek" (ages 2-5)
Joy Trek is our 9:00am Sunday School program for children age 2-5. Children will learn a Bible story over 2-5 weeks of lessons. Each Sunday they will hear the story, do a craft, participate in music and sacred sharing moments and have something to bring home. Contact Ms. Sam for more information.

9:00am Sunday School: Elementary "PEAK Adventures" (kindergarten-4th grade)
PEAK (Purposeful Experiences & Activities for Kids) Adventures is our 9:00am Sunday School program for children K-grade 4. Each week children will learn a Bible story in a different way through our workshop rotation model. Over 3-5 weeks, the children will learn the story through workshops such as Art, Cinema, Cooking, Games, Sciene and Storytelling. Children also will be able to participate in music and large group time as well. Contact Ms. Sharon for more information.

9:00am Sunday School: Elementary "Tweens" (5th & 6th grade)
is our 9:00am Sunday School program for children in grades 5 & 6. This program offers a targeted curriculum to learn about the Bible and explore questions.  Contact Ms. Sharon for more information.

10:30am Sunday School: "Godly Play" (preschool-6th grade)
Godly Play is our Sunday morning program for children in preschool up to grade 6 during the 10:30am worship service. Godly Play includes a lesson told in interactive story format and learning stations and crafts for children to further their experience of the story. Contact Ms. Sam for more information.

VISITORS and those who have not registered for the year, please check in at the Superintendent Station at the bottom of the main stairs when you arrive.


Children's Ministry Brochure Link

To further our mission of caring for the spiritual lives of our children, St. Luke's is now offering the opportunity for a child to meet with a Holy Listener during 9:00am Sunday School or at a time arranged by the parents and our CM staff. A Holy Listener (HL) is a St. Luke's adult who has been trained in the spiritual gift of listening to a child in a special way using tools (like Holy Listening stones) that allow them to feel God's presence and comfort. It is not professional counseling but an opportunity to share God's loving presence with a child who might be experiencing a crisis of any sort (divorce of parents, loss of a loved one, moving to a new school/home, illness, bullying, transition, death of a pet, family financial or health difficulties, etc.) in their life. The short meeting could be a one time event or ongoing. (Our Safe Sanctuary policy would apply to make sure all parties are meeting in a secure, safe and welcoming environment.) Parents can request that a HL meet with their child through our Staff or the Superintendent and will be informed if a meeting occurs. Any information shared will be held in confidence within our Holy Listening Team. Click here to go to our Center for Spiritual Engagement website and meet our Holy Listening leaders.

Click here to order "The Golden Cord" by Rev. Dr. Leanne Hadley. A book that gently explains death to a grieving child.

We encourage all of our Sunday School attendees to register for Sunday School annually whether you have been attending for years or just started. To register your child for the current year of Sunday School just fill out a new registration form by clicking on "Online Registration" below.

(*6th graders move up to SLY - St. Luke's Youth group - on the first Sunday in June. PROMOTION SUNDAY for all other children 2yrs.-5th grade is the first Sunday after Labor Day in September.)
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Our program is successful because of all of the amazing, caring and creative folks that share their time and gifts with our children on a Sunday morning. Click below to check the volunteer schedule and sign up to serve! Thank you!!

Sunday School Volunteer Sign Up Link

Children 2nd grade-6th grade are eligible for our Acolyte Training program. Once trained they can sign up to serve in this important and beautiful ritual in our worship services. Click below to sign up to serve. Check our calendar for our next opportunity for training. Email Sharon to rsvp for training.

Acolyte Sign Up Link

Childcare is available during all of our worship services for children birth through age 2 and through age 3 during our 9:00 and 10:30am services. Nursery care is also available during other events and programs as scheduled and needed. Contact Ms. Sam for reservations and/or information. For more online information on our Nursery please click below.

Nursery Brochure
Nursery Information Webpage


Children's Ministry Staff Contact Info
If you have any questions you may contact:

Sharon Oliver

Sharon Oliver
Director of Children's Ministry
303-791-0659 x127
or email Sharon
Click for Sharon's bio

Sam Leahy

Sam Leahy
Director of Early
Childhood Ministry
303-791-0659 x140
or email Sam
Click for Sam's bio